NEOM Innovation Challenge 2020

Imagine solutions to solve the Grand Challenges of the future.

Calling on out-of-the-box thinkers and doers to solve the Grand Challenges of a futuristic mega-city!


Are you an adventurous high school student who wants to have a major impact? NEOM is a developing giga-city in the northwest corner of Saudi Arabia that aspires to be one of the innovation capitals of the world and invites you to consider these challenges.

Join us for the NEOM Innovation Challenge where you will apply your creativity and out-of-the-box thinking to solve a range of issues that confront NEOM Agriculture, Education, Energy, Environment, Health, and Water and are directly tied to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.   

Winning teams will join together for The Global Exec. KSA Spring Break trip. In addition, the Grand Prize-winning team will participate in an incubator bootcamp to hone their problem-solving skills and turn their ideas into reality.


Using renewable energy requires a smart energy system to power homes, industries, businesses, balancing cost, emissions and reliability. 


How would you solve a new city’s energy needs using only renewable energy sources?





Smart Water technologies are used to analyse data, find system leaks, reduce energy usage, predict equipment failure, and ensure regulatory compliance.

You are challenged to come up with innovations that integrates smart water technologies with legacy infrastructure.





In view of population growth, climate variability and the loss of arable land and fresh water, there is an increasing need to find new and efficient ways to grow food and reduce waste. Vertical Farming systems typically use less water, land, and are able to operate indoors.

Design a vertical farm to be implemented at NEOM.


The environmental challenges confronting our rapidly changing world pose an existential threat to us and our delicate ecosystem. 

How would you mitigate these environmental challenges? 





Living a healthy lifestyle is a choice.

How do you encourage people to improve their lifestyles and the choices they make?






The world of education is on the cusp of a mighty revolution.  Teaching and Learning is being disrupted by new ideas and technologies with a focus on the student, rather than the teacher.

If you were to redesign an education system or a “school” what would it look like?




Great Prizes for the Winning Teams

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The Grand Winner team will attend local incubator bootcamp and will participate in The Global Exec. KSA Spring Break trip!



Sector Winners will be funded to participate in The Global Exec. KSA Spring Break trip!



Each participant will receive a Participation Certificate.

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Work with your team during the Hackathon from November 12 to 16.